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Owner, Diane at the Botanical Gardens in St. Albert


I'm Diane, the Founder of Family Friend Inc. and my passion is for the elderly. I have the ability to make them feel heard, comfortable and validated. Respect and dignity are key! These core values are exhibited throughout the Company as a whole, including all hand selected staff members on my team.  

I have lived in St. Albert for the past 21+ years and have been active in the community since. I am a mom of two grown children and a grandmother of 4.

Previously, I owned Home Maid Mop & Shop for almost 5 years and then became a Health Care Aide. I have been in this profession for the past 10 years and my skills have been sharpened because of it.

I am truly looking forward to meeting you and finding out which areas of your life Family Friend can be of assistance. I am a firm believer that life is about experiences and giving back. I am excited about personalizing a package for each of our clients with Family Friend, thus making each senior both happy and content. Family Friend Inc. is based in St. Albert, AB and supports the surrounding communities of Morinville, Edmonton and Sturgeon County. We offer complimentary client consultations to discuss your needs and I am looking forward to connecting with the many new clients in the local communities!

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